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6 ton porter

Accucraft 6 ton Porter.  Boy do I wish they would make this in 7/8ths scale electric.  Just think about on board sound/RC/batteries, all in the engine, and all the simple equipment they pulled, but large, vary large.  O well, this little jewel is just to sweet to not own.  I wanted a Mahogany cab, so thats what I painted over the black cab of the model.  She got the single ply Kleenex roof top made dirty, a new whistle, split wood in the cab, and a Bachmann figure painted and dry brushed after the Kleenex application.  By weathering out the model, there is a lot of subtle detail brought out under all that black paint Accucraft sprayed on.

porter 1porter 1porter 8porter 8 porter 6porter 6 drum car with 6 ton porterdrum car with 6 ton porterporter 5porter 5 porter 4porter 4 porter 3porter 3 porter 2porter 2