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drum car

If you have looked through the web-site you can see I used several Accucraft two axel flatcars to kit bash with.  The drums on the flatcar are a Sierra Valley Enterprises kit which includes the wood stand cast valves and nut and washer castings.  The drums are aluminum.  The other items are all Bachmann plastic items from a Gandy Dancer model by Bachmann, except the standing barrel, which is a resin casting full of plastruct pieces, and some Ozark miniature tools on the deck.  The flatcar is painted and weathered using acrylic paint, as is everything else, and drybrushed.  The barrels have the product Real Rust, sold by Robert Bennett under his Busy Bodies products.  After painting and weathering to my satisfaction, I sprayed the barrels with a clear flat, and while this is still wet, you sift the Real Rust on.  Now after this dries, I spray a solution of water and white vinegar on, this sets the rust in motion.

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