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accucraft disconnects

Accucraft logging disconnects nicely detailed, of a more modern pattern.  I weathered them so they look some what new, with the paint starting to wear off the wood beams and metal parts, and that salt air getting to the metal with some rust starting to form.  Real Rust was used on the metal parts. (see drum car).

waiting to be picked upwaiting to be picked updisconnectsdisconnectsdisconnectsdisconnectslogging disconnects 6logging disconnects 6disconnectsdisconnectsacc log bunks 2acc log bunks 2

 logging disconnects 5logging disconnects 5 logging disconnects 4logging disconnects 4 acc log bunks 4acc log bunks 4acc log bunks 3acc log bunks 3acc log bunks 1acc log bunks 1