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detailed lgb ore cars

These LGB tipper cars are the perfect scale for 1/13.7 (7/8ths), so I decided to make some changes more to the practices of the H&H Ry. As far as I can tell, they are modeled after an Orenstein and Koppel prototype.  I do like LGB field cars, but I dislike the wheels and journals.  I purchased Sierra Valley Enterprises 14" 4 hole wheels, and journals, some being made of brass (Talisman) with ears having two bolt holes per side. I also have some in metal (Steve King) the ears have a single bolt hole per side.  A razor saw was used to cut the existing journals off flush at the frame.  I measured and CA cemented the new journals on to the frame (with the new wheel sets in the journals).  After the glue dried I drilled through the frame using the existing holes in the journal ears, and secured everything with brass hex nuts and bolts.  Of course the couplers were removed, and a link and pin set up was used not shown in these pictures.  I belong to the SE Lounge forum, and used a link and pin set up as done by another member Charley Lix.  A flat steel strap is bent like an upside down stirrup with ears, bolted to the end plate, center drilled to except the pin, while the link slides atop the end plate, under the strap, secured by the pin.  The cars I painted and weathered with acrylic paint.  After I was satisfied I used a product called "Real Rust".  Robert Bennett of "Busy Bodies" sells it.  The cars were now sprayed with clear flat, and while still wet, "Real Rust" was sifted on the cars.  After drying I used a mixture of water and white vinagar sprayed on, that sets off the rust.  The pictures below were taken by Rick Marty on his Shasta Pacific elevated railroad.  Coal is from Alaska.

tipper 4tipper 4 tipper 3tipper 3 tipper 2tipper 2 tipper 1tipper 1 lgb tipper beforelgb tipper before