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logging disconnects

These logging disconnects are a kit produced by Steve King.  They are very nice.  On mine I asked Steve if he could set up the cars for knuckle couplers which he did.  I made very few changes, one was I added an extra n/b castings above the journals and a few other places, and I decided to change my rooster polls to rectangular beams.  The parts fit together beautifully, the only item that gave me fits, was bending the steel ends to the roosters.  These kits have journals with bushings, and use Sierra Valley Wheel Sets.  I used alcohol and black liquid shoe polish (mixed 5to1) to weather the wood, added a little barn red to show a faded paint, one has a mildew green tint.  The log load was an experiment.  I bought Accucraft plastic logs, painted them, applied the alcohol/shoe polish to stain the paint, and dry brushed over that.  The ends I used the same procedure, after applying a masonery repair product (liquid nails) from a (toothpaste) tube.  The  figure sitting on the log load, is made by 7/8th Folk.  They are made of resin and each package has a torso, two sets of arms, and two heads, take your pick.  I wrap the clothing areas by white glueing a single ply of kleenex, and when dry they are painted, and then dry brushed.

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