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Tool Car

Another Accucraft two axel flatcar, this time kit bashed using a LGB # 40480 car.  I added scribed sheeting to the interior walls and made jams out of scrap redwood.  The work bench is also redwood as is the bench box.  All the castings are from Ozark Miniatures.  I believe the stove is a resin casting, but the manufacture escapes me at the moment.  The calender was made off the internet, the curtains and bench seat from sewing patch material.  I ran out of room inside so the H&H Ry crews mounted their woods tools on the back of the car wall, and the tree saws along the car sides.  The pictures titled work train, and tool car 5 were taken by Rick Marty on his original railroad, the climax is mine.

tool car 6tool car 6

open houseopen house

tool car 5tool car 5

work trainwork train

tool car 5tool car 5

tool car 4tool car 4

tool cartool car

tool car 2tool car 2

tool car 3tool car 3