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Accucraft Waycar

Accucraft came out with two colors on this, tuscan red, or all white lettered for the South Park.  Actually I thought it wood make a neat little logging caboose, but choose the white one.  RGSRRHobbies web site has a nicely painted one for sale, so I decided to work on mine.  I decided to leave the body alone, and paint the under carriage black, the end doors black, as well as the hand rails.  I re-painted the roof, steps and landing.  Although you can't see it the under carriage is weathered out, like the beam ends and the plates attached to the hand rails.  The roof I re-painted black, used white Doc O' Brien powder over the black, then followed up using the black powder on top of the white, and a little rusty brown around the stack base.  The doors had white powder added to hi-lite them.  The landings were painted with a driftwood color, stained with 5 to 1 alcohol and black shoepolish, and when dry, dirty brown, and black powder was used.  The steps were painted black, then black powder, and a hint of red oxide powder was used.

Accucraft Waycar 005Accucraft Waycar 005Denver South Park and Pacific Way carDenver South Park and Pacific Way car Accucraft Waycar 003Accucraft Waycar 003Accucraft Waycar 004Accucraft Waycar 004Accucraft Caboose 1Accucraft Caboose 1Accucraft Waycar 002Accucraft Waycar 002