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Marion Model 28

This model is totaly scratch built, almost entirely out of stryene plastic.  The detail is meticulous inside and out.  The water wagon is a scratch built tank with a kit bashed carriage.  (note that picture 002 when looking through the window to the far side, the pen clip is from a flashlight used to light the interior for the picture).  Buildings on Ricks layout are all constructed by Rick from scratch.


Steam Shovel 007Steam Shovel 007Steam Shovel 012Steam Shovel 012Steam Shovel 008Steam Shovel 008Steam Shovel 003Steam Shovel 003Steam Shovel 002Steam Shovel 002

Steam Shovel 004Steam Shovel 004Steam Shovel 001Steam Shovel 001Steam Shovel 010Steam Shovel 010Steam Shovel 011Steam Shovel 011Steam Shovel 009Steam Shovel 009 Steam Shovel 005Steam Shovel 005Steam Shovel 006Steam Shovel 006