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Bachmann Sattletank

This Bachmann Saddletank has a bit of history leading to how I came to have aquired it.  The model was on consignment in a model airplane hobby store for 75 dollars.  My friend would go visit the engine over an over and try to wear down the store owner to a lower price.  Finally being sucessful they settled on 25 dollars.  After bringing the engine home, his wife did not like the look of the engine, so he gave it to me one Christmas.  Bachmann did a nice job on this model, but they failed to put a water filler hatch on it.  I decided that the only location to install the hatch was were the bell was located.  Now I had to decide where to mount the bell.  I had a ton of Ozark miniature castings, so I went crazy.  The engine now sported air pump, air tanks, air hoses, draw heads, step plates, patch plates, new plumbing, new whistle, and a steam, oil, water pump.  The steam dome has a valve so the H&H Ry can use the engine as a stationary boiler, or connect to another steam engine.  (like C&S practice).  Also arm rests for the crew and hoses for fire and clean up were added.  I found that Ozark miniature car straps cut and bent make good straps say to hold the hose box above the cab, or a bracket to hold the hose, and the holes for bolts are already there.  A LGB pin (lgb link and pin ) made a nice support for the long bell cord.  A box was made out of coffee stir sticks to hold Ozark plumbing castings, as well as the smallest allen screws I could find.  Hose box on the cab roof is scrap redwood.  Aristocraft smoke and sound were installed by Ralph Merrill of Fall Creek Railroad Structures.  Then I painted and weathered the engine.

Stock model had no water filler, so I moved the bell, put in a filler hatch, and then went crazy.Stock model had no water filler, so I moved the bell, put in a filler hatch, and then went crazy.

H&H Ry #9H&H Ry #9

Bachmann saddle tank.Bachmann saddle tank.

Bachmann SattletankBachmann Sattletank

Bashed bachmann saddletankBashed bachmann saddletank

H&H Ry #6H&H Ry #6

locomotive has soundlocomotive has sound

Bachmann saddle tank.Bachmann saddle tank.