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climax weathered

This Bachmann Climax belongs to my friend Jim Arbuckle, and sustained some damage when dropped.  Rick Marty installed a new truck, and repaired the damage.  Club member Randy Fink installed sound, and I painted and weathered it, and added all the detail parts.  Jim uses stock Bachmann couplers on his equipment.  The arm rests, and seat cushions are patch material, glued over a scrap piece of wood, and a washer for the cushion.  The coal shovel in the cab is a standard plastic Bachmann item, nearly all the rest of the castings are Ozark Miniatures. For the grease pot I used a watering pot casting, cut off the spout and handle, and added a bucket handle.  The hose is solder wraped around the sand dome.  The figure is a Bachmann with his feet shortened, painted and dry brushed over Kleenex.  Cable on the pilot beam is painted elastic thread, and the fitting is a extra left over cable tensioner, from a Schromberg Scale Products water tank.  You can see it in the pictures on the home page.  Oh what fun it was drilling the two holes in those resin castings.

Jim Arbuckle's Climax 2Jim Arbuckle's Climax 2 Jim Arbuckle's ClimaxJim Arbuckle's Climax climax 7climax 7climax 6climax 6 climax 5climax 5 climax 4climax 4 climax cushionsclimax cushions climax 3climax 3 climax 2climax 2 climax weatheredclimax weathered