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Circus Wagons

Circus trains and the circus bring back memories to most of us, but not a lot of modelers model them, certainly not in 1/20.  I know that Bachmann has models you can buy, some LGB, yet it is some what uncommon for a scratch builder to focus a lot of time an research in this area.  Jim knows a lot about circus trains, has a lot of circus items and not just in large scale.  This group of pictures shows the various wagons making up this circus train, each one with a specific purpose.  Think of the amount of work to pack, unpack, all of the gear, load and unload onto the train, load and unload the animals.  There was a strict order followed each time they set up or broke down each wagon.  When traveling one or two circus personel went on ahead to procure all food, and supplies needed for the entire operation at each stop, a big job in itself.  Think about no air conditioning, no bathrooms, (maybe some fortunate to ride in a passenger coach) etc.  The circus train had the right of way over the main, passenger and freight.

Square Water Wagon/ Giraffe Wagon/ Dog Cage WagonSquare Water Wagon/ Giraffe Wagon/ Dog Cage WagonRound Water Car/ Kitchen CarRound Water Car/ Kitchen CarSea Shell Tableau WagonSea Shell Tableau WagonTent Wagon/seats Tent Wagon/polesTent Wagon/seats Tent Wagon/polesTent Wagon w/ seats and polesTent Wagon w/ seats and polesSquare water wagon/ Baggage Wagon/ Dove Tabalou Baggage Wagon/ Giraffe WagonSquare water wagon/ Baggage Wagon/ Dove Tabalou Baggage Wagon/ Giraffe WagonDove Tabalou Baggage WagonDove Tabalou Baggage WagonBaggage WagonBaggage WagonKitchen WagonKitchen WagonRound Water WagonRound Water Wagon