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whitcomb diesel

Accucraft Whitcomb Diesel. Not a whole lot done to this model, but a couple of Ozark miniatures castings inside the cab. I like to weather my models, however I find yellow difficult, at least for me. These critters seem to age out much like an automobile, so the paint gets real thin over the metal, shows primer as well as bare metal. As Helangon island is surrounded by ocean, marine air with its salt content, makes our little critter start to rust here and there. First I paint the model including the weathering, I then added Rob Bennett's (Busy Bodies) Real Rust where desired. I apply it after I have painted the model, then I spray a clear flat, and while still wet, lightly sift his product where I want it. After the clear flat dries, I spray the Real Rust with a mixture of water and white vinegar.

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