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gypsy locomotive

This is a model of the Bear Harbor, which is still active in Eureka, California.  The real engine is standard guage, this model is narrow guage, however a photograph does exist of a narrow guage Gypsy engine.  The model is by Missouri Locomotive company, is nicely detailed, and a smooth runner.  One fault of the model is that the large geared wheel is mounted slightly off center to the wrong side, (to the left when facing the boiler) and the teeth of the gear should be turned opposite of how its modeled.  The brass pilot model shows this in its proper position.  The shaft bearings are beautifully done, but I do not have the tools to remove them and change the gear to its correct position.  That being said I do like this model.  I had the privilege of fireman all day on the Bear Harbor pulling a disconnect truck with a huge redwood log one weekend, while the Faulk did passenger duty.  The model is painted and weathered with acrylic paint, with the roof having a single ply of Kleenex, glued and weathered out.  The people are Bachmann with the Kleenex treatment.  Split wood in the cab, and a few Ozark miniatures tools in the cab, complete the model.  Greg Posta of RGSRRHobbies, installed sound,RC/and batteries, that are pulled behind in a Accucraft 2 axel flat car.  The first picture taken on club member Jerry Smith's layout shows a couple of two axel cars being pulled along, and if you like them, they are offered by Gary Wakins of Sierra Valley Enterprises, as kits or built up.  They are a part of his Munger Mining Series.  They are very well done.

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